Innovative energy solutions for

HomesSchoolsHospitalsBanks& Many more

Connecting you to clean & sustainable energy source

Eclipse Power provide innovative solutions to the challenges of energy access in Africa.

Solar Power Installation

We build and operate:
  • Mini-grids & micro-grids
  • Solar street lighting
  • Water pumping & irrigation system
  • Portable solar home systems (SHS) for pico & nano-scale users.

Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE)

We build energy resilience and sustainability for economic empowerment and social harmony.

Renewable Services

We utilize micro, mini, and small hydro technologies to solve power generation and electricity challenges of various enterprises. Our wind power modules are innovative, aesthetically pleasing and animal friendly.


Electrified automobile such as electric vehicles, bikes etc
Eclipse Power is Finalist of the “All On 2021 Off-grid Energy Challenge”

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